What is a GC/MS Urine Test?

A urine test, or urinalysis, can serve many purposes. They can be used to check your body for a wide variety of health conditions (such as diabetes, kidney disease, or pregnancy), but they are also often used to determine if an individual has been using drugs or not. GC/MS stands for gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and refers to the laboratory procedure conducted on your sample of urine. GC/MS laboratory equipment is highly accurate and can analyze your urine for even the smallest traces of drug toxins. However, since they’re more expensive and take much longer than a standard EMIT drug screen, they typically aren’t the first, go-to option for conducting a drug test. In this article, we’ll explain how GC/MS urine tests work and give you some great options for how to pass one!



How Do GC/MS Urine Tests Work?

When you consume any kind of chemicals, your body will break down the active ingredients and form chemical compounds called “metabolites”. Drug metabolites can exit your body through many different ways, but the most common are through your urine, hair, saliva, feces, and sweat. When you provide a 2 ounce sample of urine for a GC/MS drug test, it will be analyzed to give a highly accurate reading of your urine’s chemical makeup - including any drug metabolites that might be present. Because they are so accurate, GC/MS urine tests can detect even the slightest traces of drug toxins and provide amazing insights about your health and your habits.


GC/MS for Drug Testing

Even though urine drug testing is pretty common nowadays, GC/MS drug tests aren’t typically the first option people go to. A standard GC/MS laboratory drug test costs about $200 per sample analyzed, so it’s not a very cost effective solution. Also, because it takes time to send the urine sample to the lab, it could take up to 7 days to receive your results. So, even though GC/MS urine tests are extremely accurate, they’re typically only requested if an initial drug screen comes back positive.

EMIT drug screens (enzyme multiplied immunoassay technique) are a lot cheaper, faster, and easier to administer, so these are generally used first. If your sample tests positive on the EMIT drug screen, only then will it be sent to a laboratory for a confirmation test using GC/MS equipment. 


How to Pass a GC/MS Urine Test

If you have a drug test coming up, don’t sweat it! We’ve got solutions for you - even if you’ve recently used drugs and think there’s no way you’ll be able to pass. We offer a wide variety of detox products, urine additives, and synthetic urine brands to help you keep what happens in your private life,…well…,private.

Urine additives like UrineLuck are small vials of chemicals that will eliminate any drug toxins present in your urine sample. Simply fill the urine collection container with about 2-3 ounces of your own whiz, add your UrineLuck, and you’ll be golden! Urine additives don’t require any prep work, so they’re perfect to keep on hand if you’re subjected to random drug testing!

Detox drinks are a tasty way to make sure you pass your GC/MS drug test. When you drink a detox beverage like Rapid Clear Detox Drink, the special blend of herbs, vitamins, and chemicals will work with your body to prevent it from releasing any drug toxins through your urine for several hours. To be clear, they don’t remove the toxins from your body, they simply prevent any drug metabolites from coming out through your urine for a period of time so you can pee clean and pass your test! 

Synthetic urine like Quick Fix was crafted to be used as a novelty, fetish product; but, because synthetic urine formulas are nearly identical to human urine, it could be used as a perfect substitute for your own whiz. Although not intended to be used to tamper with any lawfully administered drug tests, synthetic urine passes for piss even under close inspection in a lab! Grab a bottle today and try it for yourself! 









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