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Rapid Clear Detox Booster capsules assist the detoxifying process to clean your system prior to passing a drug test. Detox Booster capsules are designed to be used in conjunction with other detox products to aid in detoxification, and should not be used alone to pass a drug test. After taking the capsules, individuals should be prepared to urinate frequently. The capsule temporarily speeds up the urinary process during which the body breaks down drug metabolites.

Rapid Clear Detox Booster capsules work on all toxins, and are 100% undetectable.

Detox Booster capsules are designed for individuals who smoke 4 times a week or less.

Rapid Clear Detox Booster has a 99.6% success rate in passing drug tests and nicotine tests if the directions are followed.

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  1. To assist in the detoxifying process, consume one packet of Detox Booster capsules immediately before using any detox drink.

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