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Rapid Clear Detox Drink

Totally Undetectable! 99.87% Success Rate!

Rapid Clear Detox Drink Family

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The Rapid Clear Detox Carbo Drink is a detoxifying product that holds the toxins in your body allowing you to pass a urine drug test.

How does it work? Urine drug tests detect drug usage by testing urine samples for metabolites that are released in urine when fat cells are burned. Rapid Clear Detox Carbo Drinks inhibit the body’s ability to metabolize the fat cells that store drug toxins, allowing you to pass a drug test for up to 5 hours.

Works on all toxins! Rapid Clear Detox Carbo Drinks work on all toxins, are completely undetectable and have a 99.6% success rate for passing laboratory urine sample drug tests. You can trust our Detox Drinks to help you pass drug tests that check for marijuana (THC), cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, barbiturates, and even nicotine!

For best results: Avoid drug use 48 hours prior to drinking Rapid Clear Detox Carbo Drinks. Prior to using our detox drinks, limit water consumption to 12 oz per hour. On the day of your drug test, eat and drink normally but avoid sugary foods and do not exercise. If possible, urinate 3-4 times prior to taking your drug test. Rapid Clear Detox Drink is at its peak effectiveness 2 hours after consumption.

Rapid Clear Detox Carbo Drink carries a 200% Money-back guarantee to pass any urine drug test!

Simple: Simply refrigerate, shake well and drink one bottle of Rapid Clear Detox Carbo Drink and a 16oz glass of water, wait 45 minutes and you'll be set to pass your drug test!

Tasty: Available in a delicious cherry and lemon-lime flavor, Rapid Clear Detox Drinks are the tasty way to block all toxins from being released in your urine.

Simple Steps for Drug Test Success