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Rapid Clear Clean Pee can be used by males or females and has a perfect pH balance, creatine, urea, and specific gravity, just like real human urine. All you need is a couple ounces of tap water and a small heating pad or hand warmer; in less than 45 minutes you'll be ready to pass your drug test!

Since most drug testing facilities do not allow you to turn on the sink and they color the toilet water, you'll want to mix Rapid Clear Clean Pee before going to the drug testing facility. The BEST option is to mix one vial of Rapid Clear Clean Pee with two to three ounces of warm tap water (about 60-90mL), shake slightly and pour the solution into either The Urinator or The Whizzinator.

The Urinator or The Whizzinator are perfect for Rapid Clear Clean Pee because they allow for the liquid to be discreetly kept at body temperature (between 94 degrees and 100 degrees Fahrenheit) for several hours.

The Whizzinator uses a small organic heating pad placed near the urine, ensuring that the urine sample is at the time of donation to the drug testing facilitator and is IDEAL for men who are subject to observed drug tests because The Whizzinator's life like prosthetic penis is nearly undetectable by drug testing technicians.

The Urinator can be used by both men and women and uses 9-volt batteries to heat the synthetic urine solution to exactly 98 degrees Fahrenheit.

Those who are not subject to monitored or observed drug tests can also use a small bottle to store the mixed solution of Rapid Clear Clean Pee. Simply attach the heating pad and a temperature strip to the bottle to make sure your urine sample meets testing regulations.

*Please note that Rapid Clear Clean Pee is not eligible for the Detox For Less 200% Satisfaction Guarantee.**

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Rapid Clear Brand Clean Pee. #1 Trusted brand by customers. Few ounces of tap water and a small heating pad and in less than 45 minutes, you'll be ready to pass your test!

What's included

  • 1 Vial of Clean Pee Concentrated Urine
  • Complete Instructions


Quick Steps to Passing Your Drug Test

  1. Mix vial contents with two to three ounces (60 to 90mL) of warm water. Tap water is fine. This product should mix immediately, but give it a shake or two just to be sure the concentrated urine has completely dissolved.
  2. You'll want to present your sample at body temperature, which is between 94 degrees and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It is suggested that you use either The Urinator or The Whizzinator to store your solution of Rapid Clear Clean Pee because they each have a discreet system for maintaining the liquid at body temperature for several hours.
  3. Once you've mixed the vial of Rapid Clear Clean Pee with 60-90 mL's of water (approximately 2-3 ounces) it should be used within 24 hours.

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