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The All-In-One Value Pack is the cost effective package for those that want to be prepared for a urine, hair and saliva drug test. With this value pack you’ll no longer have to worry about which drug screening will be performed.


Quick Fix Urine Plus

Quick Fix Urine Plus is a synthetic urine for males and females for passing a drug test with no worries because Quick Fix synthetic urine contains all the ingredients found in natural urine and is balanced for pH, specific gravity and creatinine.



Spit Clean

Rapid Clear Spit Clean is a highly effective in cleansing the mouth of all toxins! It is totally undetectable. Just swish in your mouth for 2-3 minutes and your saliva will be clear of toxins for up to 30 minutes. 

Rapid Clear Spit Clean is designed for individuals who smoke 4 times a week or less.



Get Clean Shampoo

Get Clean Shampoo masks unwanted hair toxins. Toxins are circulated throughout the body via the bloodstream and absorbed by the hair through the environment. Wet hair, and hair treated with styling gel are especially susceptible to environmental contamination (second hand smoke).



Ultra Cleanse Detox Shampoo

Ultra Cleanse Hair Cleansing Shampoo & Conditioner has been specially formulated to remove all toxins from the hair shaft. You will not find a better hair cleansing shampo on the market today. As with all our Ultra Klean products, we back Ultra Cleanse with the industry's only 500% money-back guarantee. 

You will receive a free shower cap with your order!

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