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Quick Fix Plus Urine Demonstration Video


Quick Fix Plus Urine Demonstration Video

Quick Fix 3oz Dozen Deal! You can't beat these prices!

Males and females can use Quick Fix synthetic urine to pass a drug test with no worries because Quick Fix synthetic urine contains all the ingredients found in natural urine, and is balanced for pH, specific gravity and creatinine.

Quick Fix Plus synthetic urine is the easy way to protect your privacy and ensure that you will pass a drug test. QuickFix requires no mixing and comes with a small heating pad that will keep the synthetic urine at body temperature for at least 6 hours when placed inside your pocket. The QuickFix bottle even has a temperature gauge you can check to make sure that the synthetic urine is between 94°-100°F.

We’re so confident that Quick Fix Plus synthetic urine will pass a drug test, we offer a 200% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Price: $479.40 $349.95 On sale ($129.45 off)

Don't forget to add the following... only sells the newest Quick Fix Formula 6.1 with urea! The Quick Fix Formula 5.7-1 and 6.0 is still good and will work. We buy direct from the manufacturer so you always get the latest batch! Beware of cheap BOOTLEG Quick Fix!


Simple Steps for Drug Test Success


  1. Prior to your test, open the top of your Quick Fix bottle and microwave for 10 seconds. If you can’t microwave your Quick Fix synthetic urine, simply tape the included heating pad to the bottle at least one hour before your drug test.
  2. After heating, close the top and shake the Quick Fix bottle. The temperature strip should read between 94° - 100°F. If the synthetic urine is below 94°F place in microwave for a few more seconds. If the temperature is above 100°F allow the bottle to cool. If no temperature is visible, but product is evidently warm, this means you've over warmed the product.. simply allow to cool till a temperature is visible, or product has cooled to a normal temperature.
  3. Tape the hand warmer to the Quick Fix bottle to maintain temperature until your drug test. When placed inside your clothing pocket, the heating padwill keep the Quick Fix synthetic urine near 100°F for at least 6 hours.
  4. When it’s time to take your drug test, check that your Quick Fix synthetic urine is between 94° - 100°F, Pour the contents of the Quick Fix container into the urine collection cup at the testing facility. We recommend you do not use the exact amount of product contained in the bottle, as this amount may be marked on the test cup and flag your sample. You have successfully passed your drug test.
  5. QuickFix synthetic urine can be reheated an unlimited number of times.
  6. Some settling may occur.
  7. Shake bottle before and after heating, and right before you take your drug test.

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