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The Whizzinator Demonstration Video


The Whizzinator Demonstration Video

Whizzinator and Quick Fix Plus Value Pack

The Whizzinator Strap-On in White, Brown or Latino and Quick Fix Plus Synthetic Urine

Used with the included organic heat pads, it is GUARANTEED to maintain body temperature for 8 hours! The quality materials and manufacturing process used to make the Whizzinator assures that it will let it flow, again and again, anytime, anywhere you need it!

The Whizzinator is designed to be comfortably worn as an undergarment for extended periods of time.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Quick Fix Plus synthetic urine is the easy way to protect your privacy. Quick Fix Plus requires no mixing and comes with a small heating pad that will keep the synthetic urine at body temperature for at least 6 hours when placed inside your pocket. The QuickFix Plus bottle even has a temperature gauge you can check to make sure that the synthetic urine is between 94°-100°F.


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Order the Whizzinator with a Quick Fix Plus Synthetic Urine and take $20 off your order when you bundle them together. What a deal!

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