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Urinator Synthetic Urine Device


Urinator Synthetic Urine Device

Make sure your sample is at body temperature!

Is the Urinator out of your price range? The Wizclear is a comparable product that comes with two synthetic urines that sells for almost a third of the the price of the Urinator at only $59.95

The Urinator is a one of a kind, state of the art, electronic urine testing device that will maintain testing temperature for a minimum of four hours with one set of batteries. The Urinator is reusable and reliable. In fact, nothing on the market can even touch it! Using leading-edge technology, this compact and simple to use product is designed to eliminate possible genetic discrimination.

Digitally Controlled: The Urinator kit includes one digitally controlled self-regulated heating element, two temperature test strips, one calibrated bottle filling device, and a complete operator's manual.

When using The Urinator, your genetics and medical information are private.

The Urinator has been defined as "The Ultimate" and is definitely considered the #1 Testing device in the entire world for over six years.

Price: $169.95 $149.95 On sale ($20.00 off)

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What's included

  • 1 Urinator Device
  • 2 Temperature Test Strips
  • 1 Calibrated Filling Syringe
  • 1 Operators Manual
  • 1 Rapid Clear Clean Pee Sample


How to use The Urinator:

  1. The Urinator is very easy to use. It is very important that you practice at home, READ THE MANUAL and feel comfortable before using it in a testing situation.
  2. Use the provided syringe and fill the bag with approximately 75 to 85 ml of warm water or warm clean urine.
  3. Remove as much air from the bag as possible and screw cap back on the end of the tube.
  4. Attach 2 9-volt batteries and fold fabric shut, making sure to secure the ends.
  5. Once the temperature indicator on the bag reads 98 to 100, you are ready to give your sample.
  6. What could be easier?

Frequently asked questions

  • What does the Urinator look like and how big is it? The Urinator is about the size of a checkbook. It consists of a fluid bag, electronic heater and digital computer chip that monitors the temperature of the fluid in the bag. These contents are all secured inside a cloth pouch, which has Velcro on all sides. It is easy to conceal. The electronic components are designed to function for 10,000 hours of continuous use.
  • Where do I place the Urinator on my body? MOST people will put The Urinator down their pants, between their legs, and pull the tube or the whole pack at the time of the test. Women can put it in their bra, or either sex can tape it to the upper portion of their body. The Urinator does not have any straps or attachments, so you do not have to take off your clothes in order to conceal it on your body.
  • Does the Urinator clean DNA from your Urine? No. The Urinator is a substitution device that uses synthetic urine.
  • Do you have to use Duracell batteries with the Urinator? We have no stock in the Duracell Corporation; however, the power demands of The Urinator are high. Our published heating and testing times were obtained using Duracell Procell 9-volt batteries. Using high output style batteries will not extend the heating time, but will ensure that the device functions properly.
  • How long does it take to get The Urinator to temperature? The Urinator was actually designed to be a heat maintenance unit. If you start with a liquid basically at body temperature (between 95 and 100), The Urinator will take about 15 to 20 minutes to stabilize, and will then maintain that temperature for a minimum of four hours. You can never start the unit at a temperature under 70 degrees without changing out the batteries before it gets to body temperature. It is always to your advantage to start warm. As a matter of fact, you can start with fluid warmer than 98 degrees, and The Urinator will actually monitor the temperature and not turn itself on until the temperature drops to 98.
  • Can I use someone else's urine in the Urinator? Yes. It is important to make sure that person does not have any medical conditions or a history of genetic defects which might affect your test results.
  • Does gender matter with urine? Everyone has heard the joke of the guy coming up pregnant. This situation is extremely unlikely. Hormone levels vary greatly depending on many different conditions and situations. Gender is not a normal consideration.
  • Why do I need a Urinator? I thought I could just put urine in a bottle or bag and keep it warm with my body or a heat pack. Keeping liquids at body temperature with just body warmth is very difficult to do. Some people do run warmer than normal and can successfully do this, but it is very rare. Some people try and use organic heat packs to maintain temperature. These can be very tricky to use and will sometimes malfunction (getting too warm or not heating up enough). With The Urinator, a digital computer chip is set to keep your sample at 98 degrees. This allows you the freedom of not having to worry is it to hot or to cold because it does the thinking for you.

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