Detox Pills

When you take detox pills, they prevent your body from releasing any drug toxins into your urine, making sure you pee clean on your drug test! They start working in as little as 45 minutes and last for up to 5 hours. They’re the perfect detoxification solution for people who have moderate toxin levels. And, since they don’t have any chemicals or herbs that might trigger suspicion if found in your urine, they are completely undetectable! If you need to pass an upcoming urine test but still have drug toxins in your body, these pills are your miracle cure!


Emergency Detox Capsules

$29.95 $34.99

Rapid Clear Emergency Capsules were engineered from the ground up to be the ultimate detoxification capsule and become effective in 45 minutes! For light to moderate users. Not for use on instant screens.


This is the XL version of our Emergency Capsules designed for individuals that weigh OVER 200lbs.


Detox Booster capsules temporarily speed up the urinary process during which the body breaks down drug metabolites, increasing the effectiveness of detox drinks. Instant Flush Detox Booster capsules may be used with any detox drink. Not for stand-alone use.

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