Our Satisfaction Guarantee and Refund Policy

If one of our products was not effective for you when used, please follow the steps below. Unused product does not fall under the satisfaction guarantee and does not constitute a refund as all sales are final

Please allow 30 days for refund of the products to be processed. Refund amount will be based upon the purchase price. All third party fees are not refundable to, which includes UPS. All refund claims must be filed within 45 days of invoice date. All Refunds are for customers of Paradise Novelties only. If you bought this from any other website not owned by Paradise Novelties you do not qualify.

If one of our products was not effective for you and you would like to request a refund – please complete the following process within 45 days of the invoice date:

1.     Please gather the following:

        a.     Proof of purchase of product (Order Confirmation Email)

        b.     Proof of identity (license or state issued ID)

2. Also, attach the following items:

        a.     A letter explaining why you were dissatisfied with the product.

        b.     Original Bottle/Package Container

3.  Mail completed information and all attachments to:

Mailing Address:
513 Ventures 8190 Beechmont Ave.

Suite 312

Cincinnati, OH 45255

All sales are final.



Product Review Guidelines:

To ensure your review will benefit other buyers, please focus on the product’s performance and your experience using it. It’s best if you can provide specific details about what you did or didn’t like about the product.

Review Tips:

  • Please use the product before rating & reviewing it.
  • Do NOT share your full name, URLs or other personal information in your reviews.
  • Do NOT use offensive language.
  • Reviews containing promotional details or inappropriate comments will NOT be displayed.
  • Your review should NOT address customer service, shipping or purchasing matters. Please contact us directly with questions or comments regarding these issues

Reviews containing inappropriate language, spam or overly critical comments about another review will NOT be posted.

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