Urine Additives

Urine additives are chemicals that you add to your pee sample to make sure you pass a urine drug test. Our selection of urine additives actually get rid of the drug toxins in your urine for you! Plus, they don’t take any prep work so they’re great for random screenings. All our urine additives are completely undetectable as long as you get the right additive for the type of urinalysis you’re taking. Some brands (like Spike) are great for passing EMIT drug screens and others (like Add-It-Ive and UrineLuck) are perfect for passing GC/MS drug tests. Clean up your piss the easy way!


Instant Clean Add-it-ive

$29.95 $99.95

Instant Clean Add-it-tive is the perfect solution for your lab testing drug tests.


Spike Urine Additive has been created for EMIT tests which is the test taken for 99% of work places.


UrineLuck Urine Additive

$29.95 $35.00

The original urine additive! Urineluck is designed to eat away at the bad parts of your urine sample during a lab test. Detox For Less only carries the newest UNDETECTABLE formula!

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