Drug Testing Kits

Our at-home drug tests are a great DIY way to check your body for drug toxins so you can know for sure if you’re gonna pass your upcoming urine drug test (or if you need to prepare another solution). They’re a quick way to check your body for traces of the most common drugs used around the world. Plus, they’re easy to use and very reliable! With 98% accuracy, these tests will let you know if any traces of drug use will show up on your laboratory urine test. Know before you go!

 High Times Weed Test 5 pack
Quick Test Plus Home Test Kit

5 panel test kits for THC, Cocaine, Amphetamines, Methamphetamines, and Opiates


THC Home Test Kit

$5.95 $14.95

Single panel kits test for THC, 98% accurate!

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