How to Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test

How to Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test

Hair follicle drug tests are becoming ever more popular for determining if a person has been using drugs or not. Because hair samples can be collected just about anywhere and are much easier to store and transport than urine or blood samples, the hair follicle test has become one of the go-to methods for testing for drug use. Hair tests are very accurate and reliable for detecting the presence of most common drugs and can provide a wider window to view a person’s drug use history.

Hair drug tests can be one of the hardest tests to trick. Drug toxins will stay in your hair forever if left untreated. Plus, since the person taking your sample is clipping it from your head, it’s very difficult to substitute your sample with someone else’s hair. But, relax! Passing a hair follicle drug test is actually pretty easy if you have the proper knowledge and treatment products!

How Does a Hair Drug Test Work?

When you use drugs, your body will process the main chemicals and break them down into things called “metabolites”. Small amounts of these metabolites in your bloodstream find their way to your scalp and enter your hair follicles. When your hair is being formed, these drug metabolites get trapped in the core of each hair strand and that’s what the test is looking for.

When you take a hair drug test, they will clip about 90-120 strands of hair from the back of your head as close to the scalp as they can get. They typically only use the 1.5 inches of hair closest to your scalp but, since your hair grows at a rate of about 1/2 inch per month, this will give the lab about a 90 day history of your drug use. The person collecting your sample will wrap your hair in foil and mail it to a drug testing lab like Quest Diagnostics. In the lab, they dissolve your hair in solvents and then test the liquified sample with the GC/MS method. This process is very accurate and can detect even the slightest amount of drug toxins in your hair.

What NOT to Do

Some people think they can beat a hair follicle drug test by shaving their head. But, since hair can be taken from anywhere on the body, this isn’t the best method. Unless you shave your entire body (that wouldn’t look suspicious now, would it?), it’s best to just leave your hair where it is.

Using detox pills and drinks also won’t work. These are meant for helping you pass urine tests and won’t do anything to detoxify your hair. So, what other option is there?

Use a Detox Shampoo to Pass Your Hair Test

There are two different types of detox shampoos on the market. The first is actually a leave-in conditioner that will coat your hair and help mask any drug toxins present once your hair sample is liquified. Products like Get Clean Shampoo can work, but if you have high levels of toxins in your hair, this won’t be enough to fool the lab equipment.

The second type of shampoo will penetrate your hair strands and remove any traces of drug toxins from within your hair itself. These are much more reliable because they don’t just get drug toxins off of your hair, they draw out those pesky chemicals from inside each hair’s core. The best detox shampoo we’ve found is Ultra Cleanse. It’s so great, it even comes with a 500% money-back guarantee from the manufacturer!

We recommend using BOTH types of detox shampoo products together - just to play it safe. If you’re taking a hair test, there’s definitely something big at stake, so don’t take any risks when preparing to pass it! Set aside at least 1.5 hours the day of your test to properly treat your hair (and follow the instructions for each product very carefully). With these two hair detox products, you’ll be all clear to pass your hair test! 

Relax, You’re Good to Go!

Sure, a hair test is tough to pass, but it’s not impossible! There are many detox shampoos that claim to get the job done, but are really not very different than the shampoo you use every day. But, by using the hair detox products listed on this page, you can rest assured your hair will be squeaky clean and toxin free!

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