How to Pass a Urine Drug Test

How to Pass a Urine Drug Test

Got a urine drug test coming up and afraid you won’t pass? Relax. Urine tests are the most common method of drug testing but, because they’re the most frequently used, there are lots of ways to make sure you test clean (even if you definitely have drugs in your system)! In this article, we’ve outlined the best, most reliable tricks to use so you can pass your upcoming urine drug test.

How a Urine Drug Test Works

When you get high, your body takes the active chemicals in your drug of choice and breaks them down into compounds called “metabolites”. For a urine test, they aren’t actually looking for the drug you used, they’re checking for these sneaky metabolites and, if any are present in your urine, it shows you used a certain drug.

What to Expect

When you are required to take a urine drug test (also called a urinalysis), you’ll need to provide a sample of your pee. They typically require a minimum of 2oz of your urine in order to conduct a proper test. In most cases, they’ll take your sample on the spot and do a “drug screen” which is a lot cheaper and faster to do than an actual drug test. They’ll have your results within just a few minutes. To save on time and money, they’ll typically only send your urine to a lab for an official confirmation test if your results from the drug screen come back positive. It could happen, but it’s very rare that a urine sample would be sent to a lab before first being “screened”.

If your drug screen comes back positive, they’ll send the same sample of urine you provided to a lab where your pee will be analyzed by using the GC/MS method. This process is very accurate and reliable. It can test for a wide variety of drugs and substances with great precision. But, it costs about $200 to have your urine analyzed in a lab and can take anywhere from 1-7 days to get your results back. That's why it’s not normally the first go-to option.

Ways to Pass Your Urine Drug Test

Before we get into how to actually pass your drug test, let’s be clear on something: there are tons of at-home remedies floating around the internet that simply don’t work. DIY solutions like taking niacin or using vinegar to try and pass your test are completely detectable and raise a lot of suspicion. The same goes with trying to dilute your sample with water - it’s a surefire way to get called back for a retest. So, for this article, we’re only going to focus on the tried and true methods for passing a urine drug test: detox products, urine additives, and synthetic urine.

Detox Products

Detox drinks and pills are a great solution for people who have light to moderate drug toxin levels. They work by preventing your body from burning the fat cells that store your drug metabolites for a few hours. Since your body isn’t releasing any of these drug toxins, your urine comes out nice and clean! Most detoxifying products are effective from about 45 minutes after you take them and typically last for about 5 hours. They’re completely undetectable, so they’re a great option for light drug users. However, if you’re a pretty heavy user, it’s best to try a different method. 

Urine Additives

Urine additives are small vials of chemicals that, when mixed into your urine sample, destroy any drug toxins that may be present. They are completely undetectable, as long as you choose the right additive for the type of test you’ll be taking. On the market, there are two different types of additives. Some are meant to help you pass a drug screen (EMIT test), while others are meant to help you pass an actual drug test (GC/MS test). If you choose this method, make sure you know which kind of test you’ll be taking so you can get the right product.


Urine additives are easy to use because they don’t take any prep work and, since they can easily fit in your pocket or purse, they’re great to have for those random drug screen emergencies. This is a better option for heavy drug users, but there is still the risk of your test coming back positive if you don’t put in the correct dose of additive for your toxin levels.

Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine is the only option that will work every time for every person. Synthetic urine is, essentially, urine that’s been created in a lab rather than the human body. It has all the same chemicals, pH balance, and specific gravity as normal urine so it’s the perfect substitute for your own pee! It’s so realistic, drug testing laboratories even use it to help them calibrate their equipment because it’s the perfect replica, but doesn’t include any harmful toxins or bacteria.

Our top recommendation for synthetic urine is Quick Fix Plus. Quick Fix has been around for over 25 years and has continued to update their formula to stay ahead of changing testing standards. If you’re in a pinch and need to pass your urine drug test, grab a bottle of this stuff and use it in place of your own pee. It passes for piss every time! 

If your test is monitored and you decide to use synthetic urine, check out our selection of synthetic urine delivery devices - wearable products that store and release your synthetic urine sample to make it look like you’re actually peeing!


You can use detox products, urine additives, or synthetic urine to pass your upcoming urine drug test, but synthetic urine is the only way that is guaranteed to work every time. 

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