Tips for Passing a Urine Test

A Urinalysis (urine test) is one of the most common methods to determine if an individual has been using drugs or not. Urine drug tests are most commonly used by employers for pre-employment or random drug screenings; but they are also used by parole officers, parents, and even athletic organizations. If you use drugs and have been requested to take a urine test, don’t fret. There are several ways to still “pee clean” on your urinalysis, even if you’re a daily user. In this article, we’ve outlined how urine drug testing works as well as some helpful tips and tricks to make sure you ace your test!


How Urine Drug Tests Work

Urine drug tests work by detecting drug metabolites in a sample of your urine. Drug metabolites are the by-products of your body metabolizing, or breaking down the active chemicals in your drug of choice. Depending on which drug(s) you’ve been using, how much, and how frequently, these metabolites can show up in your system for anywhere from a few hours to several weeks.


How To pass a urine drug test

Once you provide your urine sample (typically at least 2oz of urine is required) it’s normally “screened” on the spot. Because drug screening with EMIT tests is cheaper and faster than sending your sample out for a full laboratory drug test, typically your urine will be screened first and will only be sent to a drug testing laboratory if your results come back positive. This second test is also called a “confirmation test” and is performed using GC/MS equipment. GC/MS laboratory tests are highly accurate and can detect even the smallest traces of drug metabolites in your urine.


What NOT To Do

There are so many methods for passing a drug test floating around on the Internet, but most of these are not tried and true. For example, although it’s been one of the most popular, at-home remedies to pass a urine test, taking niacin won’t work to pass a urine test. Adding things like water, bleach, ammonia, Visine, vinegar, or salt will also have no effect on your test. If anything, this will cause you to fail, because many drug tests check for the presence of these substances to make sure your sample hasn’t been tampered with. Although herbs can have various effects on your body, the exact dosage and combination of herbs is very important when it comes to herbal remedies. That’s why taking things like pectin or goldenseal may have some effect, but it simply won’t be enough to pass your test.


How to Pass a Urine Drug Test

Take a Break and Keep Healthy Habits

By far, the least fun way to pass your test is to take a break from using drugs. Give your body time to metabolize and release all the drug metabolites in your system. The amount of time needed can be as little as a few days to a few weeks depending on your drug of choice, how much you use, and how frequently. Be sure to check out the detection times for your drug of choice so you can plan ahead.

Exercising helps burn fat cells in your body which can help get rid of drug metabolites a little faster. However, it’s best to avoid exercise at least 48 hours before your test so that your body doesn’t release any of those pesky drug metabolites and cause you to fail. Drinking lots of water can also help flush drugs and drug metabolites from your system. However, drinking too much water can dilute your urine and cause you to have to take a retest.

urine luck

Use Urine Additives to Pass a Urine Drug Test

One popular and easy way to pass your urine test is by using a urine additive. Urine additives come as a small vial of chemicals that will either mask or eliminate the drug metabolites in your urine when combined with your urine sample. They can be easily hidden in your pocket, so they’re great to have on hand for random drug screens. However, when using urine additives, it’s essential to know what kind of test you’ll be taking. Some additives, like Urine Luck work only for GC/MS laboratory drug tests, but will not work for EMIT drug screens. If you need to pass an EMIT drug screen, you can use Instant Clean Spike. Both types of urine additives are highly effective, but definitely make sure you know which type of test you’ll be taking so you don’t accidentally use the wrong product.

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Use Detox Drinks or Pills to Pass Your Urine Test

Detox drinks and pills work to cleanse your urine and urinary tract of all drug metabolites by temporarily prohibiting your body from metabolizing the fat cells where drug metabolites are stored. Essentially, these products hit the “pause button” on your body releasing the drug metabolites for a few hours, allowing you to provide a clean sample of your own pee. Since detox drinks and pills typically have 2 formulas (one for people who weigh less than 200 pounds and another for people who weigh over 200 pounds), make sure you use the right formula for your body type.


Synthetic Urine for Passing a Drug Test

If you would rather skip the hassle and not have to worry about detoxing at all, synthetic urine may be the solution for you. Although synthetic urine like Quick Fix Plus was created to be used as a fetish or novelty product and is not intended to be used for any unlawful purposes, it is virtually identical to human urine. In fact, it’s so close to the real deal that even laboratories use synthetic urine to help them calibrate their urinalysis equipment!

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

The Bottom Line

Whether you choose to use urine additives, detox drinks or pills, or synthetic urine - or you just decide to wait it out and detox the all natural way, passing a urine drug test can be easy and stress free with the right solution and proper preparation.

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